ATB/ECPP Program

Brookshire International Academy is a partner with many Vocational, Technical, and other Post Secondary Educational Institutions providing an Eligible Career Pathway Program for enrollees at those institutions in an effort to assist those students with their unique needs in completing their High School Education. All students who are in the Eligible Career Pathway Program are required to earn at least 25% of the required high school credits from Brookshire International Academy to receive a High School Diploma issued by Brookshire International Academy.

The ATB Program is the federal financial aid provision that allows people without a high school diploma or its equivalent to begin their postsecondary education while building foundational skills and completing a secondary credential. The student enrolled in an eligible career pathway program after July 1, 2014 and has met eligibility criteria may be awarded: 1) A Pell Grant; 2)TEACH Grant, and 3)Campus-based aid; 4) Direct loans.

ATB is a powerful tool because it makes educational success financially possible for students to be in dual enrollment, while ensuring they get education and training that prepares them for a full range of postsecondary education options. It can be a successful for adults who are taking advantage of their states’ adult basic education programming and of community college at the same time.

Eligible Career Pathway Program
The eligible career pathway program concurrently enrolls students in connected adult education and eligible postsecondary programs. This means that the student completes both the high school diploma with Brookshire and is enrolled in a degree program at a vocational school, technical college, or university. The schools must also provide students with counseling and supportive services to identify and attain academic and career goals. It provides the structured course sequences that allow students to advance to higher levels of education and employment.