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Individual Study

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Our individual study approach to the classroom allows each student an opportunity to excel in their desire to continue their education.  Each students needs are evaluated and progress is tracked from day one. 


As the needs of each student vary, there is a specific curriculum developed for each graduate to insure their educational success and ability to pass an exit exam as required by the State Department of Educationin each state in which we operate in lieu of a traditional Public High School Graduation.


We offer many required and elective study programs for our adult students so they can be eligible to attend college, join the military, and even obtain better employment and earning potential.  This also includes specific test prep (ACT, SAT, ASVAB, etc.), and business classes.

Our Location


Our San Diego Campus is Located near I-15 and Market Street in San Diego, California.


Feel free to visit our campus at 3295 Market St, San Diego, CA  92102.  You can also give us a call at (877) 655-7452. Or send us a text via the link at the bottom of each page in our website.

Graduating From High School is Critical


There are specific requirements in each State to attend College. We assist our adult students to make sure they meet them all. 


During your studies at Brookshire, our Tutors, Instructors, and Counselors all work with you diligently to ensure that upon graduation you are ready to start the next step in continuing your education or career.  As you progress toward graduation, we will work with you on planning the next steps you take in life, whether that is a military career, a private sector career, or continuing on to a college or technical school of your choosing.

Sample State Graduation Requirements