Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Brookshire International Academy listed on the  FAFSA(financial Aid) Application and can students take the SAT?

Yes. Our NMSQT/FAFSA number is 054443 for the SAT.  When filing for financial aid through FAFSA, you only need to fill our your application at and when entering the High School information, you would select that you graduated from Brookshire International Academy in San Diego, California. If the receiving institution then refuses to admit you, their policies are not in line with state or federal requirements, however, they do hold the right to refuse admittance, and Brookshire cannot influence that decision.  The decision to recognize or accept Brookshire International Academy’s high school diploma or any other diploma that you have earned is always the prerogative of the receiving institution in the United States. The decision to recognize or accept a diploma credential is usually based on the admissions requirements of the college or the employment policy of the employer. Brookshire International Academy makes no representation that the ECPP program or this diploma will be recognized or accepted by all colleges or employers or that you will be guaranteed a job after  graduating from Brookshire International Academy.

What is the cost of the school?

The fee for students to attend Brookshire to earn their high school diploma is a non-refundable $75 application fee and an ongoing fee of $50 per month for the duration of the time it takes a student to complete their required courses and examinations to graduate from High School.

How do I understand my transcript?

The GPA is based upon only the classes you passed, so is weighted. Your attendance, ethics, and citizenship scores are rated on a scale of Exemplary, Satisfactory, Marginal, and Unsatisfactory, and are based upon the level of participation in each area during your enrollment. A college recommendation from Brookshire requires that you have Satisfactory or better scores in Attendance, Ethics, and Citizenship as well as a weighted GPA of 2.87 or higher.

Is Brooksire International Academy accredited?

Yes. Our accreditation is current with NALSAS as well as the San Diego Better Business Bureau.  Last Report Here.
Even though as a private high school, we are excluded from the required accreditation as is seen in these Department of Education links (California,Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arizona), we believe it is in the best interest of our students and alumni to always have the oversight of our accrediting bodies.

Is Brookshire International Academy listed with the Department of Education?

California School Code: 37 68338 6141774

Florida School Code: 8294(Pasco)

NCES School Code(US Department of Education): A1300163

Can I just take a test and get a diploma?

No. All students must meet both the required testing standards as well as a set amount proficient coursework in order to meet the requirements set forth by the Department of Education in order to graduate with a diploma.

Can I take my classes online?

Partially. All students must come to a campus and attend classes for the duration of their educational experience. The course work is digital, therefore, you are also able to work on the course work, minus any exams at home or anywhere you have access to the internet.

Do you have an academic calendar?

Yes. Our school operates 12 months out of the year with students starting their IEP(Individual Education Plan) every weekday. We have classes Monday through Friday except during Federal Holidays and certain scheduled in-service breaks for staff professional development.

Does your curriculum meet graduation requirements?

Yes. You can visit this link and check for the requirements in your state, then using the classes listed below, you can see that IF we operate in your state, our courses meet or exceed the minimum requirements to graduate from High School. You may also see:

19 TEX. ADMIN. CODE § 74.26, 74.41 through 74.43, 74.51 through 74.53, 74.61 through 74.63

GA. CODE ANN. § 20-2-142, 20-2-151.1; GA. COMP. R. & REGS. r. 160-4-2-.47 and -48, 160-4-8-.12

FLA. STAT. ANN. § 1003.428

CAL. EDUC. CODE § 51225.3, 51224.5, 51222, 51241, 51242, 51243, 51244, 51245, 51246

ARIZ. ADMIN. CODE R7-2-302.4, R7-2-302.01 (Grand Canyon Diploma: ARIZ. REV. STAT. ANN. § 15-792

Required Courses:

Algebra A & B College Prep (UC a-g Approved)

Algebra 1A & B College Prep (UC a-g Approved)

Integrated Science A & B

Art History A & B College Prep (UC a-g Approved)

Biology A & B

Economic Decision Making

Career Exploration

Environmental Science A & B

Writing Composition A & B College Prep (UC a-g Approved)

Physical Science A & B

English 1 A & B College Prep (UC a-g Approved)

English 2 A & B College Prep (UC a-g Approved)

English 3 A & B College Prep (UC a-g Approved)

English 4 A & B College Prep (UC a-g Approved)

Integrated Math 1A & B College Prep (UC a-g Approved)

Geometry A & B (UC a-g Approved)

American Government College Prep (UC a-g Approved)

Health Education

U.S. History A & B College Prep (UC a-g Approved)

American Sign Lang. A & B College Prep (UC a-g Approved)

Choices for Life

World History A & B College Prep (UC a-g Approved)

Economics College Prep (UC a-g Approved)

Sociology College Prep (UC a-g Approved)

Learning in the Information Age A & B

Our Course Catalog is here: Click Here.